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Our Transition Home, His House

is a residential resource of Lucille's Home accommodating women and their children who are on a path and have a plan for independent living but still have some building to do. Brochures are available with some details describing this low cost housing option. Please use the form on this page to request an electronic brochure or mailer.

Extended Family Support

At Lucille's Home we are excited to partner with our community and like minded individuals to come along side the families we serve. This support takes place in many different ways while our families are with us and beyond their stay with us. We strive to help build our families support system and continue the journey long after they have moved on. Helping families have the healthiest independent living experience through building and maintaining relationships. Extended family-like relationships are meant to last beyond this chapter in our families lives. 

To Request a Brochure or Volunteer Information please fill in the form below and state your interest.


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